Multi-channel, High Exposure to Increase Inquires.

Let the enterprises in every corner of the world sell their products to all over the world.

Multilingual Website Construction Search Engine Advertising SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SNS (Social Networking Serivces) Advertising Effect Promotion Platform

Construction of multilingual website including English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Japanese, and Korean versions. Vernacularized marketing to help foreign trade enterprises expand new international market.

Four major search engines synchronous promotion, reaching 99% of the global search market share, to maximize the enterprise investment return.

Four major search engines synchronously optimizing to homepage, SEO ranking and Adwords advertisement synchronously taking over search engine entry, to double the promotion effect.

Special page optimization on the four foreign mainstream social networking platforms, where monthly active user is above 2 billion, truly promoting enterprise brand value.

To realize multi-screen (mobile, PC, tablet) marketing effect promotion, reduce the advertising invalid traffic, accurately track users and improve conversion rate.

Yunshang ADMAX Helps Enterprises Improve Marketing Effect by 2-3 Times.

Ad master John Wanamaker used to say: "I know that half my advertising dollars are wasted, but I don't know which half is wasted". Yunshang helps you find the "wasted half".

Realize multi control    Reduce the invalid traffic    Accurately track users
Avoid advertising fund waste:the website self-adaptive PC and mobile terminal guarantees better user experience and avoid waste of search advertisement fund.
Improve visitor conversion:the website content framework is more professional and more suitable for search engine promotion, thus improving page conversion.
More sales leads:abundant business capturing tools and visitor guiding modules to help retain more visitors' information.
O2O system: keywords offline guidance and online conversion, to help enterprises to build class search engine platform using their own resources, achieving the effect of paid platform advertisement for free.
Industry Advantage
Service Honor

14 Years of Experience in Internet Advertising Overall Planning.

14 Years of Experience in Professional Website Construction

11 Years of Experience in International Marketing

Technical support organization of Hebei Province Expressway Management Bureau and Hebei Provincial Administration of Quality and Technical Supervision.  Independently developed "enterprise advertisement effect promotion platform—Yunshang Admax".  Helps enterprises to build class search engine platform—Yunshang O2O Adwords.  Created and independently developed the "first on-line work platform—Chenggongyi".  Other independent products: Weizhuanke , Yiyuanduobao .

Advantages of Chenggongyi
Customer First      Experience King

Google Optimization Certification Center、Google Best Market Order Award

Google AdWords Gold Account Optimization Operation Advantage Performance Award

Second Place in Bing "FY15 Third Quarter Bing Sales Contest"

Google, Bing, Yandex Best Customer Service Award

Google Gold Website Plan Service Certificate

Google Best Content Network Marketing Team

20000 Customer Members

98% Customer Satisfaction

Google China Best Customer Satisfaction Core Partner

Technical Advantages
WOM Advantage
English Proficiency Level: TEM8 or above Russian Proficiency Level: TRM 8 or above
Google AdWords Advanced Authentication Google Analytics Authentication
Bing < Microsoft Bing Promotion Certificate >Advanced Authentication Yandex.Direct Advertisement Advanced Authentication
6 years of SEO service technology and research, rich experience in practical project operation The first SNS operation team in China, thousands of business enquiry cases
Translators: relevant language majors holding certificate of Grade 8 or above, study abroad experience, at least 5 years experience in translation
  • Enquiry conversion rate is increased by 20-%30%.
  • We are attracted by the foreign integrated marketing concept of Chenggongyi products and chose the "global win" for omni-directional and multi-channel oversea advertisement. After less than half a year, the effect has exceeded expectations. The website daily traffic, mail and online inquiries increased a lot, and the actual conversion rate of effective customers is increased by 20%-30%. Next, we will continue to intensify the advertisement placement on Chenggongyi Platform.

  • Enquiry Quality is Higher than Other Advertising Platforms
  • I used to think Google was just a PPC platform, but after having access to Chenggongyi products, I found I had misconceptions in understanding Google advertisement. I also heard that minority language and community marketing is very popular now, but due to lack of professional management personnel, we didn't look into it. Chenggongyi products have integrated all the marketing channels in the current market. Now we have stable inquiries every week and the inquiries in busy season are much more than before. And the inquiry quality is also higher than other promotion ways.

  • Google Formal Authorized Agent and Trustworthy
  • Chenggongyi is a professional agent who has rich experience in Internet, relavent industry and how to meet out requirements, which are necessary conditions of standout advertisement effect. I trust them very much and hope for further cooperation.

  • 1 Order is Made out of 50 Visits
  • In the first three months of cooperation, our website daily traffic increased to over 28000 visits, and the inquiries and business increased by about 10%. The GPRS helper analysis data shows that Chenggongyi has become the biggest traffic contributor of the company website. "According to our crude statistics, 1 order can be made out of every 50 visits brought by Chenggongyi "

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    Chenggongyi (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

    Company Profile:

    Chenggongyi (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. is based in Beijing and has set branches and research bases in Hebei and Tianjin. We have served more than 12000 clients and have successfully created the brand product—Chenggongyi. Our main business is to provide leading Internet SEM integration and digital marketing integration services to help enterprises maximize the ROI.





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